Crape Myrtle Pruning

Clean Cut Lawn Care offers crape myrtle pruning to keep your plants looking their best. Because of their size, it is crucial to manage their growth and size. We are licensed and trained to keep your crape myrtles looking beautiful.

pink crape myrtle needs pruning

The crape myrtle, also known by its scientific name lagerstroemia, is a beautiful tree, available in different varieties and in many colors. The most popular varieties of the crape myrtle include the dynamite crape myrtle and the purple twilight crape, which reach a mature height between 20-25 feet; and the pink velour crape, which stands at a smaller 8-10 feet high.

Because these trees can easily grow between 25 and 30 feet in length, pruning is essential. Failure to properly prune crape myrtles results in a scraggly appearance and branches too weak to sustain the weight of its blooms. During the winter, they are bare and leafless, making pruning easier. The crape myrtle blooms on new growth, so pruning in the winter season won’t hinder blooming but rather assist the process. Often times amateurs over prune, reducing a beautiful tree to a set of ugly stumps and preventing the formation of attractive, motley bark on maturing trunks. It's important to have a specialist assisting you in this process. Clean Cut Lawn Care has extensive experience in caring for crape myrtles. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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