Shrub Trimming

Clean Cut Lawn Care offers shrub trimming, pruning, and edging. Hedges not only provide a beautiful landscape for your yard, but can also create a natural sound barrier and fence to increase your privacy. Making sure they are properly shaped keeps your lawn looking its best.

shrub and hedges trimming

Just as important as the technique used to trim shrubs, the proper time and season to trim is critical in order to encourage beautiful and natural growth. Pruning summer-flowering bushes in early spring and spring-flowering shrubs later in the spring is best for bigger and better blooms. For evergreen hedges, cutting them back in the late spring or early summer can make a huge difference in their look and shape as they grow throughout the rest of the season.

Experts at Clean Cut Lawn Care know the different tools needed for trimming and when and how much to prune to keep your bushes and shrubs attractive and in excellent condition. We take the stress out of keeping your hedges properly edged. Tackling the job yourself may mean uneven or dilapidated shrubs. We have the proper equipment and know-how to shape them to your desired style and to maintain the upkeep. 

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